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Vampiric Angel
20 August
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hair the color of golden fire (orange-blonde-rust) eyes the color of the Atlantic when it was young,skin the color of the moon(with a ~VERY~ slight cream tint),lips the color of a crushed pink rose petal(dark ~dark~ pinkish-red), poet, short story writer, future Author (hopes to one day own a flower or an herbal(or even a new age type)shop and write books/poems on the side. plans on naming her first born son Onyx and her daughter Lunetta. Doesn;t give a rats ass about critics of her life...loves all whom will show her respect for the person she is and those whom wil love her (be it friend or more) would never refuse to help even her greatest enemy (though she has none...except herself)is in love with Joe( livejournal name: hicks )

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